daycare management system

solution for parents and daycare owners. Inbuilt billing, child activity reports, photo albums and more…

Children management

Track children in your daycare from check-in to check-out. Know who dropped off the child and plan for pickup. 


Send invoice reminders to parents with a click of a button. Publish daycare news. Manage daycare events using an inbuilt calendar


Generate reports for children attendance and rollcall list, staff, invoices and more…

Perfect On Mobiles

Record child’s activities, medications, photos, incidents, cognitive and development activities

Child’s portal

Access all your child’s information in one place 


Emergency contacts 

Photo activities

Medication record

Authorized pickup


Food preferences

Healthcare providers


For parents


Parent’s portal

Easily register you children, view child’s activities, schedules, make bill payments and more

Online bill payment

Provides parents with the convenience of paying their childcare bills online using credit card, PayPal or Stripe

Child progress

Track all your child’s activities as recorded by the staff


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One time installation support

 Priority support

About CarePRO

CarePRO is a web application that you can install on a local intranet or online to manage your daycare.Manage your daycare center with a secure online system. 


allows you to keep a register of children enrolled, billing, emergency contacts, individuals authorized to pickup with ability to upload their photo and set unique pin of each for safety of the children.You can assign access to an admin, manager, staff member or parent. 


A responsive dashboard that gives you a snapshot of your daycare. 

Events calendar

Plan events around your daycare and keep parents and staff on the same page 

Children management

Quickly check in/out children and print attendance reports

Weekly events

Weekly activity planner for rooms. Rooms are an easy way to keep your daycare organized into groups of interest or ages

Child’s dashboard

Quick check in/out, manage authorized pickup users, add general notes, incident reports, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, photos, invoices, attendance reports and more…